International Political Prisoner Advocacy Project and Political Prisoner Advisory Board

What are they?

Our International Political Prisoner Advocacy Project – undertaken in cooperation with the Raoul Wallenberg All-Party Parliamentary Caucus for Human Rights and other civil society groups – will « adopt » political prisoners engaging in a variety of Parliamentary and public advocacy initiatives – including publishing Op-Eds and making parliamentary interventions – on their behalf. While the Project will highlight the pain and plight of political prisoners in all continents, particular attention will be paid to the intensifying persecution and prosecution of Iranian human rights defenders.

Our Political Prisoner Advisory Group will be composed of former political prisoners, the family members of current political prisoners, and human rights lawyers with a great depth of experience re defending political prisoners. This group of grassroots civil society members will advise and help internationalize advocacy on behalf of political prisoners in numerous ways, including engaging in social media campaigns, organizing and participating in Parliamentary press conferences, and helping to host rallies and protests.

Some of the Political Prisoners we are engaged with:

Raif Badawi
Courageous human rights blogger, imprisoned in Saudi Arabia
Nasrin Sotoudeh
Iconic defender of human rights, recently re-imprisoned in Iran
Biram Dah Abeid
Leader of anti-slavery movement and presidential candidate in Mauritania, recently re-imprisoned
Leopoldo Lopez
Leader of Democratic Opposition, imprisoned in Venezuela

Support the pursuit of justice: spread the word and stand up – without looking around to see who else is doing so before you do – for your principles.

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